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The aim of the IUVSTA workshop on Nanoporous Materials for Green Energy Conversion and Storage is to address issues and challenges regarding the implementation of nanoporous materials, such as activated carbons, metal-organic frameworks, polymers of intrinsic microporosity and novel composites, for energy conversion and storage purposes combined with a minimal carbon footprint for the environment. The workshop will focus mainly on the emerging role of such materials towards:

  • conversion of energy into different forms using currently available green technologies, including solar cells and fuel cells,
  • storage of highly energy-dense and environmental friendly gases, such as hydrogen and methane, and
  • electrochemical energy storage using batteries, supercapacitors and hybrid technologies.

Attention will be given to the influence of the porosity (specific area, specific pore volume, pore size distribution, etc.) and surface chemistry properties (functionalities, dopants, etc.) of commercially available and lab-synthesized porous materials produced in various forms (powders, granules, pellets, cloths, thin films, membranes, etc.) on the overall performance towards such energy-related applications.

The topical key areas of the workshop will be divided into"nanoporous materials for energy conversion: solar cells, fuel cells and other emerging technologies","nanoporous materials for gas storage: hydrogen, methane and other alternatives" and"nanoporous materials for electrochemical energy storage: batteries, supercapacitors and hybrid technologies". Other topics showing a significant environmental importance may be covered as well but in a smaller extent, including the key role of nanoporous materials in carbon dioxide capture and its conversion into energy-rich fuels as well as wastewater treatment and capacitive desalination. In all topics both experimental and theoretical aspects will be presented by experts in the field.

The workshop is intended to provide a forum and networking venue for scientists, engineers, and technologists from academia, government laboratories, and industry. Attendees interested in synthesis and functionalization, characterization, performance evaluation, and application of nanoporous materials for green energy conversion and storage are welcome.

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Important dates

Extended deadline for submission of abstracts25 May 2018
Notification of successful abstractsearly June 2018
Full registration of all participants31 August 2018
Workshop14 – 19 October 2018